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Apr. 30th, 2013

Thom - Goggles

Just a random fly-by here...

Hello, livejournal. I received an email from you not too long ago that you guys planned on purging this journal! And then I realized, there would be no need. I have no much that I want to say, and no much has changed about 'She who rockets', that I figured this pre-made clean slate would be perfect!

I really am meaning to use this more often.

So, hello new viewers. My name is Autumn. I am a 19 year old living in the midwest. I have been with my husband for a year and three months, and have been married for 11 months. I am currently pregnant, and am about six months along, as my due date is July 23rd.

My husband, who shall be affectionately referred to as 'S' for now, is quite a bit older than I am, which never fails to cause its fair share of laughs and hurdles. But I love the rock star. :)

My husband and I run our own business. We're 'horse-traders', although what we do has nothing to do with horses, and little to do with trading. What we do is we purchase things (usually secondhand) for cheap or free, and then resell them. It's really quite fun. Most of my days consist of going to garage sales and rummaging through a mountain of crap in order to find that one special 'thing', whatever it is.

So, there are the basics. I'm not entirely sure in what direction I want to this journal to veer in, but I suppose it's a start!

Until next time,

She who rockets.

Thom - Goggles

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